Why I'm Running

I Am Running To Fix Vancouver

Vancouver is our city. It is a city with limitless opportunities, but with each passing year  those opportunities become accessible to fewer and fewer people.

The high cost of living is driving people away.

Younger generations and people from marginalized groups are increasingly shut out of Vancouver as the high cost of housing pushes its young and its vulnerable out of the city.

We are giving up on the dream of owning a home and we can't even find an affordable place to rent.

I am a tireless advocate for the victims of the housing crisis. I have fought for the housing Vancouver needs, but City Hall has repeatedly failed to act.  The change that was promised and desperately needed has not been delivered. In the face of failed leadership I want to be a part of a new generation at City Hall. A generation that is prepared to update and evolve Vancouver’s housing policy.

That is why I am running for City Council . After 10 years of Vision’s failures, after 10 years of sleepwalking through the housing crisis, 10 years of failing to make the necessary transportation infrastructure investments and 10 years of watching businesses close from high rents & taxes, Vancouver needs a change, Vancouver needs a city to take bold, decisive action to tackle the problems we face. Vancouver needs a new generation of leadership.

Vancouver needs new leadership at City Hall. A council that will use every tool available to address the housing crisis that doesn’t just pass the buck and play the blame game with the province but will instead use every tool available to address the housing crisis.

I can't do this without your help.

If you want to volunteer or donate you can contact us to find out more.



Scott de Lange Boom is a housing advocate and member of Abundant Housing Vancouver. He earned a Bachelors of Engineering in Civil Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada. Scott served in the Canadian Forces and is currently employed as an engineer and project manager specializing in anti-corrosion systems for wastewater infrastructure. He co-hosts the PolitiCoast Podcast in his spare time.